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Our range of pharmaceutical Medicinal White Oils (MWO), manufactured by ExxonMobil, adheres to purity specifications exceeding the requirements of Pharmacopoeias. Both the Marcol (low viscosity, medicinal grade) and Primol (high viscosity, medicinal grade) series have been approved as safe and non-toxic for their intended applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food-related industries.

All Primol & Marcol series products meet the following requirements:

  • USA FDA, 21 CFR 172.878 and 21 CFR 178.3620(a), White Mineral Oil
  • US Pharmacopeia, most recent edition, “Mineral Oil”
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), registration number 132492 (For Primol), 132487 (For Marcol)
  • European Directive for plastic materials into contact with food, 2002/72/EC, White Mineral Oil (For Primol Series only)
  • The Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food additives, Liquid Paraffin