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Through our ISO-compliant packaging facilities in Singapore, we are able to provide our customers with value-added services that complement the sale and distribution of refined petroleum products. A brief description of our key supply chain management functions is set out below:

Function Capabilities/Characteristics


  • Capable of filling solvents into various types of packaging including pails and drums
  • Filling operations are designed in accordance to ExxonMobil’s stringent guidelines and quality assurance procedures


  • Ability to blend various grades of solvents and PAO together with suitable additives into finished chemical products for various applications
  • Finished products can be filled into customers’ required form of packaging
  • Value-added service for customers who purchase solvents and PAO from TAT Group

Storage & Distribution

  • Store and distribute petroleum products in package or bulk form across Asia Pacific
  • Extensive covered and open storage area measuring over 80,000 square metres in total
  • Leverage on ample storage facility and distribution capabilities to raise value-add to customers:
  • Customers are able to better manage their delivery schedule and storage space
  • TAT Group can offer storage and distribution services to customers as a third-party service provider

In addition to the cutting-edge filling and blending systems in our facilities, we are also one of few ExxonMobil distributors across the globe equipped with an ExxonMobil-approved clean room facility for the packaging of medicinal white oil.